The Locavore's Delight  Philadelphia, ZA

Welcome to our Deli & Coffee Stoppe!


Come Diddle Daddle in our Deli!

THE DELi SHED found its roots in the charming parish town of Philadelphia in the Western Cape in 2015.

Established by a Very Special Bunch of Friends, Joye Newby, Andrew Brace and Marc Joubert and run by a wonderful Crew of dedicated personnel.


Being the 'locavore's delight' of Philadelphia - the majority of our products are locally farmed, produced, baked, grown, bottled and wrapped with love!

Local producers are able to offer a wide range of products on a day-to-day basis

Freshly baked Sourdough and Slow Fermented Breads are available a couple of times per week. 

So don't delay - pop in and explore what our Deli & Coffee Stoppe has to offer!